Factory-reconditioned Machines

Factory-reconditioned Machines

All of the machines that receive a general factory remanufacture from Seydelmann leave the factory in an immaculate condition and fulfill all of the valid safety standards for new machines.


Every machine is dismantled after receipt and inspected in detail. Defective, worn, obsolete parts and all safety-related parts are replaced exclusively with original parts.

Functioning machine parts are reconditioned. After reassembly, every machine is subjected to a trial run and receives an acceptance inspection. As they are in the same condition as a new machine after the general remanufacturing is completed, machines that receive a general remanufacturing from Seydelmann receive a new year of manufacture, including an updated guarantee.

Factory-reconditioned Vacuum-Cooking-Cutter

Factory-reconditioned Frozen Meat Grinder