Universal Mixing- and Refining Machine

Due to their solid and stainless steel construction, Seydelmann Cutters are very robust. Using a pre-programmable speed drive for the knives, the sturdy machines guarantee best product quality. The modern and versatile technology in Seydelmann Cutters offers the choice between refining, homogenization and mixing, as well as many additional processing possibilities. Products to be processed individually can be granulated, pulverized, smelted or liquefied. Extremely high cutting speeds up to 160m/sec guarantee short processing times at lowest temperature increase. Refining occurs by free rotating knives without any friction of metal. Cutters with an additional vacuum function can reduce product temperatures as well as cool, dry, dehumidify and remove volatile acids, which improves the consistency and viscosity of the product to be processed. A deliberate rise in temperature can be achieved simply by the energy transfer of the rotating

knives. Fat masses can quickly be melted and liquefied without consuming external energy. On demand, water or oils can directly be dosed as recipe components. There is the possibility of specific roasting via direct steam that is sprayed into the product or indirectly via heating of the bowl or the knife lid. Cooling of the product can be accomplished by cooling gas, e.g., liquid nitrogen or liquid CO₂. Optionally the bowl and the lid can be cooled down indirectly by cold water. These universal mixing and refining machines are best suitable for a continuous production by using an upstream feeding hopper and appropriate discharging- and conveying systems. Continuous automatic operation enables easiest handling. During production, a direct intervention is still possible. Additionally, benefits are derived from low operational costs because just one operator is needed for all eventual simultaneous procedural steps.



  • Marzipan production
  • Cocoa nibs refining to cocoa liquor
  • Nuts, almond refining to granulated nuts or nut meal
  • Nuts, almond refining to pure pastes /  liquid masses
  • Peanut masses –and butter production
  • Dates to pure pastes or spreads
  • Liquefying fat blocks
  • Spreads, nougat mass production
  • Rework processing of broken goods, first slides, overproduction
  • Fruits and vegetables to porridge, mush, puree, pesto,
  • Baby food
  • Fruits with sugar to cream, syrup, sorbet



  • Crushing, breaking, grinding, pre-milling
  • Fine grinding
  • Mixing
  • Homogenizing
  • Heating, roasting, warming
  • Cooling
  • Melting and liquefying
  • Dehumidifying, drying and cooling by vacuum
  • Granulating, chopping, pulverizing, making pastes and masses
  • Removal of oxygen by vacuum
  • Change of plasticity
  • Oxygen and gas bashing (fluffy and airy)
  • Intermixing by food colors and flavors
  • Divers processing steps can be effected simultaneous or gradually