Production lines

Production lines

All Seydelmann machines can be integrated into Production Lines. Fully automated Production Lines are planned, designed and manufactured as complete solutions. The project planning is individually customized to the needs and expectations of each customer.

  • Level of automation and points of intersection can be determined individually
  • All machines can be operated manually / optionally through a central operating panel
  • The conveyor systems replace the labor and time consuming transport of material in trolleys

Control of the Production Lines: Central control terminal

The central control terminal ensures the best possible interaction between individual machines in the production line. The Windows-based system control unit is the central interface, from which all machines and their supplemental functions are controlled. All information about individual production steps run together here and are processed further. Production can take place according to stored recipes and fixed, pre-defined values.


As all of the functions, such as the revolutions, vacuum values, gas-flushing and speed of the

conveyors can be monitored and controlled by one person with the central control terminal, personnel costs and potential sources of error are reduced to a minimum. The terminal can be linked with upstream or downstream production steps or it can be integrated into the company network/ERP system of the company.


Due to the possibility of linking a second work station, the entire production can also be monitored outside of the production premises.

Central control panel with Auto-Command 4000