A strong awareness of the present and an energetic orientation towards the future have always characterized the corporate strategy of Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann. As a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for food

processing, Seydelmann is synonymous with customer proximity, quality, service strength and innovation. These values are firmly anchored in our daily working life.

Customer proximity

As a family-run company, we have been seeking customer proximity since the company’s founding and have been cultivating trusting relationships with our customers in partnership. Seeing customer satisfaction as the highest priority has always been our recipe for success, which has been passed on from generation to generation in the Seydelmann family.


Being there for our customers and learning from them makes it possible to identify and understand their requirements and expectations. This type of relationship is the requirement for developing, offering and implementing solution proposals,  which guarantee long-term satisfaction.

Accordingly, Seydelmann’s new developments have always been targeted towards meeting the requirements of our customers.


We are proud that the values of a family-owned company with a rich tradition are still successfully and consistently embodied 170 years after the company being founded. That is why we are trusted by numerous small and medium-sized operations and large corporations alike, worldwide. We will continue to do our utmost to sustain this trust in the years and decades to come.


Seydelmann machines and systems are of unsurpassed quality and are well-known worldwide for their longevity and stable value. This is our most important unique selling point. We have held this high standard for 170 years by living the quality that we produce. Together, all of Seydelmann’s employees give their best to deliver the highest quality everyday.


Seydelmann machines are manufactured from the highest-quality materials and components and operated with state-of-the art technology. Since the company was founded, we have been planning, designing and producing all machines in Aalen – “MADE IN GERMANY” for Seydelmann is a promise, which we will fulfill in the future as well.

Also, with respect to hygienic and absolutely unobjectionable food production, Seydelmann machines always fulfill the highest standards of user friendliness and easy cleaning. Of course, only unobjectionable, sustainable and environmentally friendly substances and materials are used.


The appreciative working atmosphere attracts creative and motivated staff, of which many have already been working since their vocational training at Seydelmann. The strong identification of the workforce with the Seydelmann brand, the many decades of know-how and the high-quality selection and processing of best components, guarantee that Seydelmann will remain synonymous with desirable quality in the future.


Planning, developing and designing machines for food processing is our area of expertise and our passion. The majority of our resources flow into research and development. This way, our customers can be certain to achieve the best results with the highest efficiency using their Seydelmann machines.


The decade-long close cooperation with both butchers from the region and the international food industry provides us with a deep understanding and extensive experience in diverse fields of application.

This way, we can identify our challenges and optimization potential at an early stage and develop innovative solution proposals.


The pioneering role, which Seydelmann has taken on for many years in the automation of production processes, bears witness to this practical orientation.


For more than 170 years, Seydelmann has regularly positioned itself as the technological pacemaker in the industry, thereby driving forward the food industry.


Good service is not just crucial when it is needed. The Seydelmann service is comprehensive, reliable and efficient. It is aimed at the longevity of our high-quality machines and already starts with the machine planning.


The well thought-out construction guarantees long service lives, minimal wear and malfunction, as well as the least-possible effort for replacing individual parts. Not least, this advantage is also reflected in the low servicing and maintenance costs. Spare parts are available worldwide and usually for 20 years or longer.


Our 24-hour service telephone is available 365 days a year for questions and qualified service engineers are available at short notice. Our international service partners ensure that our customers can be reached as quickly as possible worldwide.

The development of the best-possible customized solution and a professional setup of the machine are part of the Seydelmann service, as well as the opportunity for professional machine training with technological advisory.

Customer proximity, quality, service strength and innovation are the pillars of our work. We live these values out of conviction and implement them daily with total commitment.

For one thing is certain and also has to remain that way: “Seydelmann – In the hands of the best”.